Naturmuseum St.Gallen
The show room Living Spaces and its Inhabitants in the new museum of nature St.Gallen, presents and explains the fauna and flora of eastern Switzerland. The mural painting shows the different landscape zones and places the exhibits within their natural context. As such the wall painting has both, a didactic and atmospheric function. My work compromised the planning, sketches and realization of the drawing, until the handover of the artwork and supervision of the paintwork on the ground.

format: 50 × 7.6 meters
szenography: 2ndwest, Rapperswil-Jona
exhibition graphics: Bivgrafik, Zürich
commissioned by: Hochbauamt Stadt St.Gallen
photography: Herbert Weber, Julia Marti, Bivgrafik
year: 2013–2016

Nominated for Design Preis Schweiz 2017.

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