Plusplus 4: Once upon a time
The art-group Plusplus which I co-founded in 2006 works in the fields of comic, illustration and drawing-performances. In the fourth issue of our anthology the challenge consisted in composing a story around the photo of a foreign couple we found on the flea market. In my comic story La Luchadora I tried to impute the woman a dark, butcherly past. In reference to the picture on the cover the different contributions are separated by a childhood holiday photo of each artist.

with works by: Ludmilla Bartscht, Konrad Beck, Andreas Bertschi, Christina Gransow, Anete Melece, Julia Marti, Paul Paetzel, Kati Rickenbach, Talaya Schmid, Milva Stutz

format: 200 pages, 210 × 148 mm
graphic design: Julia Marti
exposed at: comicfestival Hamburg
awards: nomination for the fanzine price at the the international Comicfestival in Angoulême in 2009
year: 2008

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